For one to become a fire fighter, the first step is usually taking an aptitude test for fighters. So, preparation in order to pass the test is significant. One will need to make use of the available test preps in order to sharpen the necessary skills needed to pass the firefighting aptitude test. From the information below, one will have an idea that will be very vital in the quest to pass this exam.

Format of the test

The aptitude test for fighters normally contains 100 to 150 questions to be answered. There are around six to nine sections whose time limitation for completion is somewhere between two to two and a half hours. Time variations however depend on different sections. The basic format used here is of multiple choices. Sometimes it can consist of true or false questions. Note that the format can sometimes change in accordance with the department one is seeking.

Contents of the test

The fire fighter services usually prefer individuals who are not only physically fit but also very competitive. This reason has made the test to have a broader look in order to fully cover the necessary skills needed in the position of fire fighting. The skills test cognitive ability, speed and precision among others. The following sections are used by most fire fighter department in planning out their tests.

– The Mathematical reasoning.

– This tests universal mathematical problems such as reading of graphs, calculating time and distance and numeracy in general. A fire fighter is required to have these basics. This will be very important since one can be required to apply the knowledge in work to ensure selection of right equipment to be used. 


Mechanical reasoning.

Here, a fire fighter will be needed to have the knowledge of identifying various firefighting tools and equipment, and their functions. The skill will help fire fighters in their day to day work.

Reading and comprehension ability.

Here the candidates’ efficiency in terms comprehending and making the right decision pertaining to written materials is tested. Normally, these consist of several fire situations with related queries having multiple choices. 

Spatial orientation.

This skill is very important since it will help in appropriate response to emergencies most importantly when moving from one place to another. Movement should very fast and accurate in order to achieve your goal. Map reading is normally tested together with relevant questions touching on navigation and the steps to be followed.

  1. Passing aptitude test for firefighters is no bed of roses. Proper preparation is highly essential just like in any other exam. Hard work and dedication will also see you through.